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Kyle Shell Family - FBM

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The Kyle Shell Family


     We are independent fundamental Bible believing Baptist missionaries to unreached people groups everywhere.  God has called our family to labor and serve Him in the jungle regions of Papua New Guinea.  We are sent out of Sweet Springs Baptist Church in Ardmore, Alabama.  


    Our Desire…is to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the unreached villages of Papua New Guinea. We are seeking long-term support from faithful churches to partner with us as we press toward this calling. Papua New Guinea is home to over 800 different people groups, many of which have never heard the Gospel one time. Upon arrival in Papua New Guinea, we will be working with the Chad Wells family.  Brother Chad is a second generation veteran missionary to PNG.  Our desire is to win souls to Christ, disciple the saved and plant churches all for the glory of God. 



    To learn more about each of us just click on the picture links below.

 Kyle Shell 
 Bonnie Shell 
 Zechariah Shell 

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