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Kyle Shell

I was born in a small city in Alabama in July of 1974.  I was a couple of months early and the doctors told my Dad not to get his hopes up, but I am thankful that God had other plans.  Thankfully God gave me parents that took me to church at an early age where the gospel and the Bible were clearly preached.  I calld on Jesus Christ to save me at the age of 8 as I saw myself a sinner in need of forgivness. 



God was gracious enough to bless me with a wonderful and virtuous wife Bonnie.  Bonnie and I met through both college and work.  I was working as a paramedic/supervisor for a local hospital EMS group and finishing a degree in pre-hospital emergency medicine when God brought us together.  Bonnie was working her way through nursing (LPN) school and was a clerk at the hospital’s emergency room.  We share a lab together for one of our classes and the Lord allowed us to become lab partners.  One of our first labs was on Bonnie’s birthday, which opened the door for our first date.  We were married the following year (2002) almost a year to the day, and God has filled our lives together with bountiful blessings.  


God has given Bonnie and I both unique backgrounds.  My initial college training was in Chemical Engineering, but during this time I also volunteered for a local Fire Department.  It was through ELVFD that I became interested in EMS.  One summer halfway through my Chem-E studies our department became in need of another trained EMS personnel.  Having the summer off from school, I volunteered to complete the fifteen-week Basic course to help our dept.  Two and a half years later I finished at the top of my class with both a Paramedic certificate and an associates degree in EMS.   I was invited to be an instructor the following year and was busy in EMS in the field and as a college instructor until the Lord led me in 2005 to a Job with Toyota Motor Company.  While working at Toyota I filled many varied roles from testing engines as they came off the productions lines, to overseeing and implementing quality control measure, all the way to representing our company in Washington D.C.  


Ministry Training

God has used many people in my life through out the years.  K.C. Poole, Brent Logan, Joel Logan, Ray Pettit and Gerald Sutek come to mind as I think of the Godly men that God has used to shape and mold me.  Whether by direct instruction or godly example, I have been blessed to have been influenced by these godly men.


In 2004 God led us to Sweet Springs Baptist Church where we have learned and grown from solid biblical preaching and teaching.  The lord has allow us to have a part in ministering n multiple ways including: public outreach, street preaching, church planting, children Sunday school, deaf ministry, jail ministry, radio ministry and nursing home ministry just to name a few.  We are thankful for all that God has done and allowed us to have a part in.  I can truly say … I am what I am by the grace of God. 


In 2011 the Lord opened a door and allowed my family to take part in and complete a Bible Institute Diploma at the Eastern European School of the Bible under the instruction of Brent Logan and Gerald Sutek while on the mission field of Romania.