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The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful wife.  She is truly a great help in the ministry and I am thankful that the Lord has put us together.  Bonnie worked her way through college where we met and has kept that same focus and determination throughout the ministry.  She was born in Texas in 1982 and her family moved to Alabama shortly after.  We were married in 2002 and the Lord blessed us with a child in 2007.  Bonnie was raised religious as a Church of Christ member, but was born again in the summer of 2005.  Shortly after that, God opened a door for her to take her first missions trip which was to Romania.  Bonnie has worked as a nurse since 2004.  Shortly after starting her nursing career the Lord gave her favor with  

her employer and she obtained a position as the head of the wound care department. She has filled many roles from nurse to management to training management. She is currently active in the ministry in PNG using her training as a Registered Nurse (RN) to further the gospel.  This will be a huge help in any medical ministry the Lord see fit to give us in PNG.

She has been a wonderful mother to our son Zechariah, giving up her position in the secular realm when Zechariah was born to focus on her duties as a mother.  

Bonnie has been very active in ministry, from teaching Sunday school, to jail and nursing home ministry just to mention a few.  She also completed the Bible Institue program in Romania with me.  Again, I am so thankful for the wife God has given me, she is the help God has fit for me.